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Shopon Hossin
Apr 04, 2022
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When it became clear that the Ukrainians would not go to Gomel and that the Russian delegation would return to Moscow soon, Lukashenko called Zelensky, whom he had insulted just a couple of hours earlier. In the end, they agreed that the Whatsapp Mobile Number List meeting would eventually take place, though not in Gomel, but near the border between Belarus and Ukraine, in the Pripyat River basin. According to his press service, Lukashenko persuaded Putin not to call the Russian delegation and to hold a meeting. Predictably, the talks came to nothing. However, Whatsapp Mobile Number List Lukashenko's behavior around this episode is noteworthy. Apparently, he yearns to return to a time when he was successfully presenting himself on the Whatsapp Mobile Number List as a peacemaker. But it is too late, he is already involved in this conflict. In fact, there is a real threat that the Belarusian army will soon join the Russian invasion. On February 28, the same day as the peace talks, the Whatsapp Mobile Number List Ukrainian military reported that Belarusian troops had begun to deploy on the border shared by the two countries. And several Ukrainian media reported that Whatsapp Mobile Number List Belarusian troops were identified near the city of Chernigov in northern Ukraine.

Shopon Hossin

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